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Dont know if anyone has come across this problem I think I'm having. The fat ball feeder was recently partially robbed  by the squirrel the other day and since then  birds have not been feeding on the fat balls. I'm wondering if the scent is putting off the birds. I normally have loads of visitors during the day but I hav'nt seen any feeding? 

Jean Genie

We have the same problem but it doesn't seem to bother the birds - they just wait until he's gone and then resume feeding  so I have no doubt that your birds will be back. This cheeky squirrel can also climb up the bird table and raid that as well and some of my neighbours have also seen him doing the same thing. Think he must be doing the rounds. Someone on the forum suggested putting chilli powder on the bird food to deter them but it doesn't really bother me. He's not here all the time .

The biggest problem we have at the moment is a Jay who is eating everything in sight.


I love to see the jays handling (perhaps this should be footing) the fat balls, hauling them up onto a branch and demolishing them. 

We don't have a lot of squirrels but the birds soon come back after a squirrel visit

Thanks for that, got a couple of birds back but not as many as before

Well I dont know what I've done to upset them but the birds aint back!!!!!!!



From time to time the birds leave my feeders and move over the road to my neighbour. I just keep the food out and they all come round again sooner or later. There's plenty of food around naturally at the moment as well, they'll be on your feeders when the weather turns.


They will come back, you might have competiton from neighbouring gardens which is a good thing if thats the case. Unfortunately where I live (a very built-up area of London) my garden seems to be the only wildlife haven, going by the manic feeding that goes on here. 

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