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Caz W

Put out a slighty shrivelled plum today for first time - blackbird delighted / starlings not impressed.


Oh No !!!!


I used to have around 23 starlings, and on Saturday I counted 67 !!!!!!!!!!!!! aaarrrgh !


I expect they've migrated from northern Europe, flying ahead of the bad weather we've been promised.  Do they have Scandinavian accents?


ha ha ha ha ha Dovefromabove, that made me larf !


wouldn't mind but when I went in the garden first thing in the morning, there was 1 !!!!


they are such good look-outs


You haven't seen Lunarz sprinkling suet in your garden have you?  I've heard she'll go to any lengths to get her starlings to move on 



that did cross my mind as it happens !


wouldn't put it past her, seeing as the numbers encountered were remarkably similar  tee hee !


Did they have Lincolnshire accents and webbed feet? 


ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

maybe Lunarz can see if hers will have a scottish twang to their accent next, then we'll know that it's the same flock going up and down the country - seeing which of us will give in first


 I wish I HAD thought of that Kezza - but I've still got them all here unfortunately - chowing down on the oats along with the Blackbirds.  I think they are here for the winter this year - boo.  Hubby wants me to remove all feeders apart from the seed feeders because of the droppings, as they even eat the peanuts and raid the so-called 'small bird only' feeders too.  They are going to end up stopping me feeding everything   I honestly can't see how these birds are declining in number - they can eat anything!


If you scroll down to 'Behavour' Wikipedia says that starling guano is a good plant fertiliser - so you can tell Hubby you'll be able to save money on buying it next year   It also suggests that the only thing that'll move them on is a bird of prey - perhaps he'd like to take up falconry - get him a merlin and a big glove for Chrissie  and when you get an OBE for services to wildlife you'll have to say that you 'couldn't have done it without him' 



 Thanks Dove - actually the border under the hawthorn hedge that they sit on did do well this year!  As for the bird of prey, we have a regular sparrowhawk visitor and I have seen it take at least three starlings this year - it seems to specifically go for the starlings actually.  Although they are all back again 10 minutes after it has flown off with its prey and at that rate it will take it about 25 years to get the rest of them  I will put up with them for now - although if they are going to stay here for the winter I am a bit worried about what's going to happen if they all have babies in the Spring ...

flowering rose

saw flock of starlings in somerset dancing across the sky,I have seen them here before near a farm they seem to roost but today they were flying in numbers across a beautiful blue sky.


Hate to tell you but we had starlings nesting in our house wall (through a broken air vent) for 3 years and they never went anywhere!  They were there when we moved in here and just stayed all year making a terrible racket and the only way we got rid of them was to put up a new vent and block the hole one day when they had all flown out to my feeders! I love them in the garden now they don't wake me up every morning! But I have every sympathy for you, good luck! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Not only are starlings resident in UK but they are joined in winter by visitors from further north, where they are summer visitors. So you should always have some, depending on food availability.

Bunny ...
Errr we always have some

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