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we have a swallow at our house today 

Yes I have just sen my first swallows this year in Farndale in North Yorks today also

I'm in Essex I've seen and heard quite a few they are a lovely little bird!!

Still no sign yet in North Wales. Hoping our local flock do return, it signifies the start of the good weather for me ... bring it on


Three today in South Cumbria 


Saw some swifts last week, but I was in Corsica

I'll keep my eye out for swallows, they normally zoom around the yard at work.

No swallows but the house martin family are back under the garage peak they have been arguing about housework cleaning out last years nest  it happens in all species

two here yesterday, and another one this morning.  I don't think they are the "local" ones, just en-route to somewhere further north.  This time they're about a week earlier than last year.  I think it might have something to do with whether or not the prevailing wind has been coming from the south - must help them a bit.

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