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I'm a bit excited.  I've just watched a pair of swifts go under the fascia boards.  Resident sparrow made a noisy exit.


Super, Welshonion. Next door neighbour has 4 swift nesting boxes under the eaves, just saw the first ones arrive today too! They come every year almost on the same date.

Sam here Welshonion in a very wet and cold Perthshire.  It's lovely to see them.

flowering rose

Here on Horfield common I spotted swifts flying high in the summer sunshine after some one pointed out to me later in the evening I heard them screeching passed my windows.I hope it means summer,I love to hear them in the evening sunshine.

hollie hock

That is exciting welshonion, not seen one myself yet but OH to hear them, screeching,definatley the sound of summer for me


we have lots nesting under our fascia boards (old London house). They come every year regular as clockwork just on/after the bank holiday. I love them. A friend used to live in the cenre of Toulouse where they are very numerous and quite spectacular to watch, flying almost in formation around the old town .


I've invited swallows and swifts to share our home but they've never moved in. I'm quite envious.

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