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Thanks Dove, what a great idea. My better half always has her book on British flora on the go, looking up plants we see on our walks.


I used to do that as a kid. I had an observer book of wild flowers, and if it wasn't in that Mum had a pre war book on wild flowers with drawings in.  Now kids can use an ipad and just look it up. A good idea to get kids out of the house and actually looking at their surroundings.   Those long summer holidays are coming up.


We used to get taken on nature walks at primary school, and the teacher was very knowledgeable.

And do you remember the I-Spy Books?  I learned so much from them 

Have signed up Dove.  It will also give my walks a more interesting purpose after knee surgery!😀



I've signed up, love looking for wildflowers .Though it does help that i'm lucky enough to live in the Derbushire Dales. There's 2 types of orchid in my work car park!


 Sorry for the blurred image, a bit windy on the hill, one of the highlights of our walk to the Polling station. Along with Spotted and Pyramidal, this Bee orchid brightened the journey.

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