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I heard my first scream of swifts today. I have been looking towards the sky for a few days now, knowing that they will soon be back and today I was rewarded with that lovely sound. I always feel that it is the sound of summer even if the weather thinks otherwise. But who cares, because I love watching them and hearing them and I will be doing the swift count for the RSPB later on in the summer. 


They're pretty good those swifts. haven't seen any yet. Seen the swallows though


At our last house in central Norwich we were woken by the scream of swifts every summer morning - we miss them here as we don't have the sort of roofs they nest in.

Nutcutlet, when we were with you on Monday I noticed housemartins swooping low after insects over  the rapefield behind your garden 


They're here then, that's good. I probably thought they were swallows.

We had a swift at HART Wildlife Rescuse based in Alton, I believe it was caught by a cat, perhaps it had been grounded for some reason. Its been a bad year for wildlife so far. The long cold weather has had a negative impact on our willdife, especially on hibernating wildlife.

I do love seeing the first signs of summer though swallows are my favorite!



Thank you for all your commenst. Its lovely that some of you are seeing swallows, I never see them here which is a shame. The swifts know it is nearly summer, shame the weather doesn't

The swifts finally arrived here in Norwich today in good numbers. We've had the odd one or two for a few days but today I had the very real pleasure of watching around forty or so screaming over our heads at work. As the sky turned dull and the clouds threatened rain, they flew lower and lower until they were skimming the rooftops.

Eventually my manager decided that I had spent long enough standing still staring into space and suggested tht I might like to carry on working.  Spoilsport. 

p.s.  If there is anything in reincarnation, and if you get a choice, then I am coming back as a swift.

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