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They've eaten the heads of loads of hellebores. Muntjacs seem the most likely culprit. Snow is a good time to see what wanders though the garden no rabbits, one hare and the muntjac.

Bunny ...
Oh dear ...deer.... Hehe sorry . We have a lot of deer here but not those , we don't have rabbits much either thankfully.
chilli lover

Hey nutcutlet - sorry you still got snow where you are, I know what you mean! We used to have loads of problems with deer and all we could do was fence, fence , fence!  I don't like it cos' I prefer everything to be more 'natural' looking. We didn't fence in the 'wild bit' so they still roam freely there. The hedge planting we did donwn the lane is now probably sufficiently high/thick to remove the fencing soon so that will be good. They are a pain but I do like to watch them when I can


Sorry,chilli, misleading statement on my part. When we had snow I went round to see who'd left tracks. It's all gone now. Very nice today, out for a bit of minor tree surgery and still trying to get the old leaves off the hellebores. Whoever it is eating the flowers, they don't want any other part. 

Thanks for the sympathy bunny. We don't have rabbits at the moment but I'm sure they'll come again. There was a warren when we came here.

Bunny ...
The deer stay in forest and back field mostly havnt seen one in garden as yet ... Think they know the gamekeeper lives up the road !



I think ours know we like them really. If there were too many we might change our view. 

Bunny ...
Hehe they are lovely to see , our dog chases them in forest but sits until they run hehe, she likes to play.
There was a baby one day (wish id had camera) same size as lab olive , they stood noses were touching just smelling looking a each other. Both just young playing... OH fell in the beck trying to get olive incase mum deer was about and baby got worried.

 Not brilliant photo, taken through the window


I've had big problems with deer too. Last year we fenced the veg garden and part of the flower garden and it's worked. It's so depressing when everything gets eaten, but they didn't eat hellebores here. The roses were massacred in 2011, so was the veg garden.

Sue H
Looks like it would be good in a sandwich! Bet you wish it was.

So far not a major problem here. Fencing for deer won't be an option so I hope they're not breeding too quickly

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