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Jean Genie

I've been watching our feathered friends this morning and we seem to have had an influx of sparrows - loads of them. I remember not long ago reading that they were in decline but have noticed there's a lot more about this year. My question being how do you tell if they're tree or house sparrows ? We live near woodland so I would be inclined to think '' tree'' but to be honest I looked in my bird book and they both look pretty similar . Is it just me or does there seem a lot more about ?

Tree Sparrows are smaller than a house sparrow  and both males and females look the same with a chestnut brown head and chest as opposed to a grey one, white cheeks and collar with a black cheek spot. They are shyer than house sparrows and don't like coming near to man or feeding from bird feeders. So if it has a grey head then definitely a house sparrow.



You'll be seeing more at this time of year as there will be families of juveniles flocking together.


Although in decline you do find places where there are a lot of house sparrows locally. I know two places near here where you can guarantee they'll be racketing about in the bushes yet I rarely see any in my garden. And don't forget Dunnocks which are sometimes called Hedge Sparrows. However they are quieter, mouse-like in the way they move, and often nearer, or on, the ground.

We've had an invasion of sparrows this year. Some new people have moved into a property behind us, and the first thing they did was cut all the trees and bushes down! My guess is that a lot of our new birds are refugees from there. I'm truly annoyed, as it was a beautiful hegde, gave loads of cover for the wildlife, and cut out a lot of the noise from the road. Now it's a desert..except for the trampoline.....


Jean Genie

Thanks for that everyone . Well they're all back this morning - there's some sort of sparrow-fest going on out there . Allymic, had a look on website and think there's a mixture of both .Been out in garden this morning in jim jams with binoculars , ( neighbours will be thinking I've lost the plot ! ) and had a good look at them and they are all in the birch making a racket . FloBear , we do have dunnocks but I recognise them scavenging around on the lawn. Feel really sorry for Tina5 what a good idea - stuff the birds and lets get a trampoline .  Good job they don't live near me - think I may have turned into a night slasher  ! Love my birdies .

Jean, I've started planting a new hedge on my boundary.....escallonia, hawthorn, buddleia, holly, anything I can get my hands on, actually. I will rebuild it! I'm even pondering the odd ..dare I say it?...leylandii. It's a good 80 feet from the nearest building...but something is staying my hand. Maybe I'll just plant a dozen russian vines and let it tumble over their side...

Jean Genie

Hahaha ! Think you mean business - must admit I'ld be thinking along the same lines.Sounds like the start of a plan.


Jean, I'm just envious of your tree sparrows ;- )

I also go out in my jim jams with binoculars or camera or whatever equipment seems appropriate!

I cant keep time with the bird feeders at the moment, as soon as I fill them up they are empty again. We have a lot of sparrows here too, also a couple of young robins, so cute.
Jean Genie

Good to know I'm not the only one to go traipsing round the garden in jim jams ! The sparrows are still there shouting their heads off . Doves right - I've spotted some young-uns this morning . I use fat balls and blocks all year round as well as table food and feeders and I think it's the fat balls that's  keeping them interested - also some cheeky chappies and chappesses are scoffing off the table now . One flew off with a rather large sultana this morning ! .

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