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Can someone advise me about some almost mushroom like growths around a cut down tree stump, that I have noticed.

There are a lot of them, they are black in colour, they are quite small about as big as a marble ("20 mm max ") and they are growing between the surrounding earth and the tree stump.

Knocked one "group" off with my foot, it was a bit dark but I think they were a lighter colour inside.

I am very cautious about mushrooms and have heard tales of illness and worse from picking and eating wild mushrooms.


If in doubt don't -if you want them identified post a picture- someone will help

flowering rose

without a picture it is a fungus.Truffles grow under the ground and then you would be really lucky.Hope its not honey fungus.


I'm sure Dove's link gives you the answer, ghog. They're very common. As far as poisoning is concerned, the answer is to leave them where they are. It's funny how we are tempted to think of fungi as food, when we wouldn't even consider the possibility of eating Red Campion or Hostas.


Thanks for all your replies, just thought I could be lucky and have found truffles!

Wont' be eating these then!


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