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While tidying the garden I found, under a pile of Lucifer leaves, a deep burrow. Its size at the opening is approx the size of a medium garden glove and burrows down to small child fist size but goes very deep.

We live in a town environment and have a wildlife area in the garden but this was away from that and now uncovered is quite exposed so hopefully this will move out visitors on.

Any suggestions or ideas what it is or should we leave the Anaconda in peace !!!!!!!!!!!



rat would head my list of suspects. Bit wide for mouse or vole. Not likely to be a rabbit in town

Bunny ...
Hehe didn't read the 'town ' bit ...used to em out here



never more than 10 feet from a rat.

Just part of the scene here too.

Cheers for the response. Now viewed a few YouTube clips and seems to be the same size and shape of burrow! Pity our cat is of the fluffy pillowcase variety and wouldn't know what to do with a rat unless providing a manicure!!!

yesterday i moved a few ton of loam iv been doing ,had it all covered up and rotting away since last year and wanted it in 2 new raised beds we've done,iv also had trouble with something burrowing under our composter and steeling the contents for a few weeks Then yesterday half way into the loam mound i found it ,all being preserved in the middle of the mound completely dry, warm,stacks of food and loads of dry hay and newspaper the area was about the size of a sink bowl,luckily no-one at home or had scarpered when i started digging ,anyway hopefully he might move on and take the family with him,  must admit when i spotted the nest i was bending over toward it and just about to lift a shovel full up ,and did i move back fast or what the old bottle took a turn i,ll tell you,anyway good luck with your burrower


Bunny ...
And I thought you men were all so brave

I think the floods and raised water tables have caused some of our rodent 'friends' to move around and look for new homes - but I'm going to provide my new would-be resident with a meal he'll regret 

flowering rose

sorry to say its a rat,you will find quite big droppings and you will sometimes hear them.That's exactly like the holes in my garden ,in which one baby one came out right in front of me.

Luckily it is right up the back of the garden, a good bit away from the house but the missus is in a bit of a tizzy and it's too wet for the kids to be out playing but if they actually seen one I dread to think!!!!!

I really laughed at your comment - 

Alan4711 wrote (see)

 did i move back fast or what the old bottle took a turn i,ll tell you,


a lovely turn of phrase, I wonder if the rat did the same thing!

Shrinking Violet

I agree with others - looks like the entrance to a rats' den.  I had just such a thing at the end of the garden near the "dalek" compost bins.  They had burrowed from the garden into the compost bin, creating a spiral run to the top where I added kitchen waste! 

I put down bait and dug the compost over.  Haven't seen Roland since - but no doubt he and his like are around . . . . . . somewhere!    

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