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Hi everyone

Loved reading all your bird stories

 I consider myself lucky where I live. I have a healthy mix of different birds coming into my garden regularly. I love the siskins, but havent seen any redpolls so far this year, only seen one pair of goldfinch too. We also get coaltits, bluetits, greats, chaffinch, housesparrows, Dunnocks, starlings, jays, collard doves, also have around 9 robins in my garden, often chasing one another, and we get jackdaws coming in too. 

I have several nestboxes up on my house and around the garden. Also have a camera nestbox linked up to my tv. We were lucky to have housesparrows nest in there last year, and me and my children were intrigued watching the eggs hatch and the chicks grow and finally fledge. So far no birds have taken residence in the camera nestbox this year

.  But we do have bluetits nesting in another, and sparrows using two nestboxes too.  

I love taking pics of the birds in my garden. here are a few I took last year, of siskins.





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