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Little weeeed

Wood bought, garden cleared, plan drawn.  Can anyone tell me if bricks or breeze blocks would be harmful in the water.  No fish planned, just plants (and hopefully a frog or two eventually!)

I had a large copper pot that belonged to my mum, I decided to sink it in the ground and lined it with pond liner, I wanted to make a water feature. we live on a council estate, no where near water! about 2 months after doing this I noticed a little head peeping out of the water, it was a baby frog followed by 2 more. so went to get some oxygenated pond plants from the garden centre to help them breath. I was told never to transfer spawn or frogs from another area because this is how disease is spread. just prepare your area and nature will do the rest.


Gosh, the nd photos are fantastic. Beyond my capabilites I think! Envious!

Little Weed. I think some people use bricks to raise plant pots to the correct planting depth for each plant but in a shallow wildlife pond most plant pots stand in the shallows or the water lily pot is at the bottom in the deepest part. Some that need 4" or 5" above the top of the pot, I have placed on an upturned plastic plant pot in the deepest part. We put playsand in the bottom and washed pebbles around the shallow ledge. The plan now is to dig a bog garden and make a few hiding places with logs and stones. In fact my other half is now fully converted to the joys of the pond that he is going to dig another. Will be another small one but in a slightly shadier spot. This will leave us with a very small area of lawn but I'll be happy with the borders of bee friendly plants and ponds. It should be cheaper as i can take cuttings from original plants.
ps I heard a small splash the other evening and there was another small frog making its way to the other side. So that's two in the last few weeks and I never saw them before we had the pond.
So build it and it appears they will come.
Little weeeed

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. Pond built and partly sunk. It sits about 15" above ground. Breeze blocks under the liner to make some shelves and pond filled and left to settle before we trim the liner. Steps available for wildlife escape. Will put pics on soon.  Now I have to decide how to finish the top edge to secure the liner.   Suggestions welcome.



Hi Little weeeed, if you are putting the breeze blocks under the liner to make shelves, cover them with some old carpet/underlay to cushion them from the liner. With the pressue/weight of the water against the rough corners of a breeze block a hole could soon form and ruin your pond.

A picture of work so far might give us some ideas of how to help you finish off the edges. It doesn't have to be the same all the way round and ther are many different ways of doing it!


 Our planting was probably too late, as the plants are starting to die back before they've put on much growth. But hopefully they will all be back next year. Two frogs now and loads of insects+larvae. Just starting to get a bit of blanket weed but I'm putting that down to being in full sun as the weather's been good since the water went in. Hopefully, once the water lilies grow again and I put some more 'rafting' plants in next year this should solve the problem. Going to sort some log piles around the edges tomorrow to provide more cover for the two frogs, as a cat is visiting regularly.



OOOOHHH. Now I need a bigger garden as I really really want a pond!  Looks like the kids might lose a bit more from thier lawn. Or I coild maybe convert the sand pit that's 4'x8' made from sleepers! They don't use it anymore, and I was going to steal it for an extra veg or fruit bed! What do you all think? Gets partial shade in summer, mostly *sun* (or what passes for daylight here!) in winter. Have plenty rocks and bricks available to surround it. Opportunity for even more different plants! Will frogs still come if there is a little waterfall? Or does the wildlife prfer it still?

You've all just inspired me again, now. This forum is better than any amount of GW on telly, everyone is so friendly.

Gardenjeannie. Well, if the sandpit is not used now using it to build a pool makes sense.  8' x 4' will give good size.  If you can put in a fountain so much fhe better........I use an old galvanised watering can with a pump to give me a natural water sound.  On a hot sunny day a pool somehow seems to cool things down

hollie hock

I have a tiny pond more like a ditch........... it been here for a couple of years and I don't know how they do it but toads arrived quickly.

Don't know if they came in with some smelly compost or they found their way in? The cats have brought some in (alive) so have just popped them in there. I don't see the toads very often but every few months I catch a glimpse.  Saw one in the flower beds a few months ago I go along with the theory that adding some water is the best way to increase the diversity of wildlife.

My ditch is in the worst probably place, under 2 beech trees, I do try and get some netting over it in the Autumn, other than that I leave it's probably got a bit of leak so in the summer months I do top it up a bit

I have made sure that there are steps to the water entrance so that any creature can find a way out


I shall have a go, sometime, then Verdun. Watch this space! (for a very long time, with all the other jobs I need/want to do!

I work at an out of school care club and the school where my club is based have very kindly agreed to let me have a small garden plot. I too want to incorporate a small garden pond (for safety reasons), so that the children can see what wonders appear. This is a great way of letting them see wildlife.

This forum is a great site for finding tips. I only want to use native plants for this pond, which I have yet to build! It's been fascinating reading the above posts.

I'd love to have toads, I know they hibernate in dry areas such as under logs, so I also want to incorporate a wood pile in the garden. 

I can't wait to get started and I know where to come for advice


This was one I finished a few weeks back - saw my first waterboatman today ..... still looks a little 'fresh' as it were but should soon fill out by spring....



danny i just love your it lined...


haisie... I read all the thread & sat here smiling.. I  reckon you should do your small pond & stick an umbrella over

OR you could get techno & build a lean to over it...



Wildlife will come to any pond gardenjeannie. We had  a huge one at last house which was afed by a spring so constant running water coming through it. It fed into a smaller pond and both had loads of frogs and toads as well as evrything else. The secret is to have as many little nooks and crannies for them as you can. Shady places are ideal. When we were renovating parts of the small pond the toads would be hiding underneath little bits of liner and rocks. Had to tuck them back in when we were done!


Yes it is lined but I wanted to make sure none of it showed at all!  Hence the building of 'dry stone' walls on the ledges so they 'overhang' each ledge..... took a lot of material - large 'paddle' stones mixed with slate as u can see in the piccy.  Only around 10'x6'x2' - just right I thought for my size garden....

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