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Can anybody please help Identify what this may be? Two faint yellow bands and 3 band black back. 

 Bee, Wasp or just a Fly? Whatever it is it's a regular visitor to my Poached Egg Plants. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

carolyn gray

 Hi, it looks like a honey bee (a drone ) they aren't very colourful like the bumble etc  


Hi, Thanks for reply.  Very much appreciated. New to Growing for Pollinators and a little clueless as to identifying all the different species. 

chilli lover

I agree a honey bee and what a lovely picture!

muddy mare

yep a honey bee have grown borage this year and planted in border by the brassica cage seems always full of beeswhen the sun shines that is!!!!


Looks like a honey bee to me. Has anybody see a bee fly? I dont mean flying. Saw 1 in the garden and was totally mystified luckily th RHS magazine had an aricle on them. They really look like a cross between the two and of course didnt have the camera or phone to take a picture.

It looks more like some kind of hover fly to me as the eyes arent like a bees , it is not as "furry" as a bee plus not as stripy

I would maybe put the photo on the Ispot website , i did that for a moth i found in my greenhouse and got a possitive ID in about 5 mins !


Hoverfly, no question. Shape of eyes and one set of wings. Still a useful pollinator and gardener's friend.

hollie hock

Saw a couple of bee flies a few months ago-  didn't stay still long enough to get a photo

I've seen a bee fly. We had one near our pond. I had to go and look it up, I'd never seen one before.

I' am new here, so if anyone can tell me how to post a photo, I think I've got one somewhere.




Click on the tree icon next ABC on the message bar-you can upload direct or from an external site

Thank you!


here's a bit blurry, I'm afraid..






Lovely photo - haven't seen any yet this year.

Thanks Allymc for the link - I try to capture photos of unusual (to me that is !!) wildlife on my 'phone camera when I'm in the garden and this site sounds a good way of identifying the "creatures". Just got to find the photos now !! 

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