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Hi eveveryone

Any idea what could have made this or what nest it might be???






I'd say a mouse.


Yeah I would go for a mouse. We have a few in our allotment part of the garden. Accidentally dug up thier nest last year I felt awful... but now they are happy under my shed. 

is it nest? Whats best thing to do?


Help? Never had this so don't know right/wrong thing to do as I have shrubs near that hole


I have a vole hole near a path. It doesn't cause any problems so I just leave it.

The local cats might stake it out.

Ok thanks


Also I believe the old mouse nests can be used by bumble bees the following year. Every bee helps.

Oh good, I'm trying to do my bit for bees


Yeah I would just leave it if it's not causing any harm. I didn't realise when I dug his home up. I felt awful! 


Nicky I did the same when I re did an area for my Dad years ago and there's were bees nesting.  Nothing you can do if you don't know something's there when you go in with a spade 

Every little helps Frozz! Glad you're aware of how valuable bees are. So many people just don't care which is sad.


Been watching with great joy bees around my hanging baskets - the only plants that are in the sun yet.  Also I have a large container if Anagalis skylover, which is not only the most amazing colour of blue, the bees love it.  It has to be really cold and dark for there not to be several there.  Lots of the usual suspects have bees at present, but the best is yet to come with buddlea and the annuals which are not doing quite yet. The particular one that amuses me is the echinops, the bees seem to get quite drunk on the nectar, and can just hang there all day until it gets cool and then they leave, to return again the next morning. 


Fairygirl - its good we feel guilty though isn't it I'm not a destroyer of anything if I can help it. As a child I sobbed because I stood on a snail and wanted my dad to fix it's house... he told me it wasn't dead i'd just broken his windows.... aww !! :S

We have a colony of tree bumble bees using our bluetit house and I love them  


I moved an old dustbin near the veg patch, to find a  fluffy bit covering  a bumbles nest. I assume an old mouse nest now inhabited by bumble bees. I carefully put it back and they seem to be happy enough. I need to use the dustbin, but I daren't. Every bumble helps. My plums and apples are going to need thinning so they seem to have done a good job

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