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Hi everyone,

Some time ago, I purchased acouple of packets of wild flower seeds, with the intention of trying my best to help out the Bees etc. One or two have flowered, but, not being green fingered in any way at all, I have no idea what the flowers are, so I`m hoping the experts here, can help. I hope the picture helps, thankyou in advance, cresser.



Phacelia tanacetifolia

The bees love it. It is often used as green manure, dug in before flowering but i let it flower for the bees.

Thankyou fidgetbones, I `ve never heard of it, but at least I can now pretend I know what I`m on about!!!!!

Cheers, cresser.


It's quite pretty in a vase and lasts a long time.

I think it's Phacelia that can be used by farmers and then it's ploughed back in to the soil to improve it. Imagine a whole field of blue .........


 yes i have planted it this year for the bees it is a very pretty blue.

i did a small wild flower area, this is about all that is growing in it! 

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