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hollie hock

To my shock and horror I saw this on my plants earlier, only closer inspection it has managed to chew it's way through a lot of them and has pooed everywhere

The plant and it are now outside.

You'll need to post a pic, Hollie.

hollie hock

Ha Ha forgot about that bit, thanks Zoomer


Wow what a monster. Sorry, I can't help but I'm sure someone will be long shortly to tell you what it is.

hollie hock

It is big isn't it? I encourage all wildlife but this thing in the house did give me the shivers.



Fox moth? That's big - six cms. Is that the same?


hollie hock

Thanks for the link Dove. It looks a little bit like the scycamore moth. I had left one of the plants outside so it must have come in on that.


The Stycamore moth caterpillar is a very bright orangey brown and one of the few I recognise. I think there are several brown hairy caterpillars and I can't tell one from t'other

hollie hock

Yes it was pretty big,pansyface. It must have been as I saw it without my glasses.  I can't really remember it's side ways view but I don't think it was the same orangey throughout. It probably won't be there tomorrow but I'll have a look and take another pic if I can.


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