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rusty spade

I found this grub eating my apple tree so i had to cut it down to prevent it spreading to my other fruit trees. but i really don't know what sort of grub it is. I live in east Anglia u.k and the closest match i can find is a tree boreing grub from america. Please can someone HELP!!






I have to say, and you won't hear me say it very often, tee hee: I have absolutely no idea.

Hi, Do you have a sharper photo, both of them are blurry. I think it's looks like a beetle larvae of some kind.

rusty spade

O.k, that's what i thought.



I'm wondering whether it's a Horntail larva 


rusty spade

no sorry, It was supper for some hungry bird!! oops!

You could try posting the photo on Wild about Britain in the beetle forum, hopefully someone there might be able to id it for you.


Whatever it is/was (lucky bird) I think you'll find that it was eating wood that was already rotten - that's the usual way of things. 

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