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Looking up into the sky yesterday and not a bird in sight, peanut feeders and fat balls not touched...seemed a bit strange to be honest...same again today just the odd seagull...i hardly see a sparrow these days and they used to be so common. I would no sooner get the fat balls hung up and the starling were fighting over them.I would love to have a garden that attracted the birds...i do plant bushes and plants to attract them but not much success so far....any ideas.



Jonboy,it's spring! Right now most of our feathered friends are busy pairing up for the obvious!

They will be visiting, but early and mid afternoon and then another feed before bedtime. Maybe your routine doesn't coincide with their visiting pattern.

Their visits will become more frequent as they lay eggs and when bringing up their broods.

As for sparrows their numbers have been in decline in recent years. Again mankind is a major contributing factor. You can put up nest boxes for different types of birds who require different size and shape nest boxes.

The mild winter has also meant there is still natural food available

For help in attracting more birds to the garden go to the rspb website 'giving wildlife a home'.

If you have fed them over winter, they won't forget, it's just that their feeding patterns change with lengthening days and rises in temperature.


Loads of tweeting birds in my garden


The sparrows are all in my garden.  Mixed hedge packed full of them and sometimes the noise is deafening -I love it.


Only sparrows in my garden, dozens of them! They've chased all the others away, hardly seen a blue tit or a blackbird this winter.


Hardly any sparrows here - they obviously prefer your garden, Sue!

There are lots and lots of blue tits, coal tits & great tits - the long-tailed tits always seem to come later in the day than the others.  Wonder why?  There's a robin, a blackbird, a song thrush, a couple of jays sometimes, and greenfinches occasionally, tho' no chaffinch.  Haven't seen a wren for a while - which is odd - and over in the field (and sometimes on the post & rail fence)  there are a couple of magpies and several crows.   Other visitors include the odd wood pigeon or two, but haven't seen a collared dove this year yet.  Yesterday there were two buzzards overhead, and a few gulls in the far field.  Heard a woodpecker in the wood earlier on today.  Used to see fieldfares and redwings together in the field, but not this winter. Starlings are a bit of a rarity round here now, as are plovers - used to see lots & lots of both.  A cock pheasant landed on the lawn last week!


A similar thing happens here occasionally, Jonboy.  In my case it's because a sparrowhawk moves into the area.  All of the small birds then move-on.  After a while, so does the sparrowhawk and the birds then return.  Keep an eye on all of the highest places around your garden (tops of tall trees, chimneys) to see if a bird of prey is hanging around.  It might take you a while to spot it though.


A flock of about 20 Canada Geese flew over me yesterday all chatting to each other what a wonderful sound all coming back for the Summer to breed,  wish  could speak Goose as I would love to have know what they were saying to each other.


Yes, it would be wonderful to speak goose.  On the other hand probably best not to know what they chattering about.


It would be great to speak goose - and owl, and buzzard, and woodpecker - would be great to know what they think about life

I noticed too yesterday that not many birds were about, although the Greater spotted woodpecker did come to the feeder.  We get quite a good mix generally of blue tits, coal tits, song thrush, blackbirds, robins, sparrows, green woodpecker, and greater spotted woodpecker, jays, magpies, numerous pigeons (grrr on that front) and collared doves every once in a while.  We've also had a nuthatch this winter which we didn't have last year, but we are yet to see the chaffinch this year.  Many an hour is spent dreaming out the window watching the birds, love it. 


I'm re-filling the sunflower heart container nearly every day and the niger seed feeder every 2 days. No starlings, so the fat balls aren't being eaten, except a little by a robin.

Wow!!! thanks for all of your replies...its just so quiet recently, i normaly have the blackbirds waking me up and even late at night i can hear them, the blue tits are normally at the top of the tree....your all so lucky to have all those lovely birds visit your garden....i used to have the doves, magpies, starlings but no goldfinches, bullies etc...i live in hope.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

A lot of birds here

Hi nut, I've fixed the text attached to that story.  It really should have read like this:

"Starlings in Hereford say they are being plagued by thousands of residents.

Between dawn and dusk the residents take to the streets around their homes, leaving a huge mess behind them.

The residents are protected and there is little that can be done to solve the problem.



I was stood in the garden on Tuesday night about dusk and there were 3 Blackbirds having a singing match oh boy what a wonderful sound it was must have gone on for about 5 minuets then the blasted phone rang so by the time I'd got back out there was only one left giving his all.

there;s going to be some frost so birds to the table will return, but normal mating behaviour will be resumed as soon as he sun warms up! All part of nature's rich tapestry horray!


I can hear something singing right now, think it's a blackbird, yay! It's 6.30 a.m. here and still dark, but just lighting up in the east.


We've not had as many birds visiting the feeders this year as we did last - I think it's a combination of the mild weather and lots of food being available still on the hedgerows, and the fact that we spotted a sparrowhawk in the area.   It's been around before and seems to move to a different territory in the summer.  


I'm glad to say we've plenty of birds here in North West Devon. Our starling population doesn't quite rival those in Hereford Bob, but not far off. We have a dairy farm near us and they are attracted to the feed in the cow sheds. I'd say there must be over 1,000 in the flocks.

Plenty of sparrows too. I love the birds in my garden, they give so much pleasure for not a lot of expense in feed. And the blackbirds keep the slugs down too.