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I was pruning the large laurel hedge in my garden today, when I came across this small nest. It was about 15ft off the ground and is quite small. Anyone know which bird made it please? Im thinking Goldfinch?





I have a goldcrest nest that looks sort of similar. Lichen and spiders' web mostly. I found it a few years ago and it now sits on a crack in the ceiling beam in the kitchen. Extremely pretty.

Ive kept the nest, complete with the forked branch it was built in, though I'm not sure what to do with it. It does have lots of droppings on the outside which must be unique to just a few birds?

If there is poo on it, i think thats a gold finch thing



I would say that's a goldfinch nest.   

Definitely a Goldfinch nest with all the poo round the outside. Most other birds the parents take the feacal sack and dispose well outside the nest but for some reason not the Goldfinches!


Thanks for the replies. Im keeping the nest and my 7yr old son will be taking it to his schools 'Show & Tell' session.

Pottie Pam

On Springwatch they featured a goldfinch nest and mentioned the poo arround the sides of the nest.


They didn't just mention the poo, as I recall the goldfinches demonstrated!!! 


I found myself under pressure to reduce the height of my laurel hedge, but I held off  due to the nesting season. It did desperately need lopping though, it must have been 25ft tall.

There seem to be a lot of second nests this year, so please be careful about doing hedges for a while.

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