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Whilst wandering the front lawn, I have come across this poo. It's very dark and much smaller than the regular cat poos I find. I am thinking hedgehog, anyone else have any ideas? I am going to be super excited if it is. (I've popped a 5p next to it for scale)




Are there rats or foxes in your garden

Never seen a rat,but they could be here.

yes we have foxes, but this is very small poo and doesn't smell foxy



That looks like hedgehog poo to me. We get some left on the patio.  I could be revolting and suggest swirling it in some water to see if you get beetle carapaces, but some people might be eating lunch

 I once reconstructed an entire fish skeleton from otter spraints that way.


Another vote for hedgehog. Rat looks like small torpedoes to me.


Hedgehog for me too.



Fidgetbones......It was fish and veg tonight !!!

I thought rat poo was shiny and sausage shape? fidget I'm going to go and give it a squish in a minute. Will let you know.

Ok squished a bit of it. No obvious beetle carapaces and no obvious smell.



Where's Chris Packham when you need him, he loves disecting 'poo' on Springwatch...


Looks like hedgehog poo to me too -  it's what Hefty the Hedgehog leaves behind in our garden 


The Lovely Builder says Hedgehog poo too! 

I am super excited now. Thank you all for you help. We have only been living here a year and we are trying to make the garden as wildlife friendly as possible.

I have just put out a shallow dish of water and later on I shall put out some peanuts out and then watch to see if anyone arrives!



Well, how considerate is that? Whoever it was left you some money for the inconvenience 


I have just had an image of a hedgehog with a little money purse around his waist... teehee



Yes,definitely hedgehog poo.


Ah the delightful "spending a penny".

Hefty is welcome to spend a holiday in the sunny south. Although I have to admit it isn't that sunny at the moment.


Part of a marine biology course. We spent a week on the isle of mull looking for otters. In February. I was cold from the time we left Nottingham, until we got back a week later.  Dissecting otter spraints was only one of the things we did. Then on the last day, the landlady at the pub, said that if we wanted to find otters, to look behind Tobermory distillery in the evening. This  was after we had walked most of the island and crawled around the beaches. A little local knowledge goes a long way.....