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How lovely - good to see greenfinch numbers picking up again 

Do all goldfinches pick out the sunflowers and just drop them to the ground the wood pigeons just stay beneath and gobble them up this can be emptied in a day 

You are lucky to have goldfinches Zenjeff, they are such pretty birds.  We have exactly the same behaviour from our gold finches with the pigeons hoovering up the mess below.  You can get feeders with saucers attached at the bottom of them, but there was some question about how effective these saucers actually are.

A couple from this morning


For my feeders its the local sparrows, they live in my garden and have their fleglings with them, also have robins, and a pair of blackbirds, a pair of collared doves and a wood pidgeon, a lonely dunnock feeds in amongst the sparrows too aswell as the occassional blue tit visiting now and again :)

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