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Great stuff Tracey.  Good for bugs but lovely to look at too

Tracey that's inspired me, when I take the children bug hunting this would be wonderful for them. I could get the children involved in making it to.




i've made mine high rise from 6 pallets.  The middle is stuffed with straw and then the fronts have hollow stems, bricks with holes or pine cones.  I used strips of wood t make a shallow bed on the top layer, lined it with weed fabric and filled with compost then planted with assorted sedums and mulched with a mix of gravel and shells.  The shells hold rain water so are good for insects to drink from.

The picture shows it when first made 2 years ago.  Since then the sedums have spread.    I've had to replace the chipped bark and pine cone layers because visitors and birds have strewn them about but it's become a haven for hedgehogs, amphibians from the pond just below it and insects.

The frames on the side are from a dismantled wooden obelisk and will support the campsis if it ever gets big enough.  Keeps being knocked back by hard winters.


Thats really nice, obelixx.  I've got one pallet, I only need 5 more.



I've got 2 pallets and getting ideas. Maybe they're OH's pallets really but they've been hanging around for ages and now you've given me an idea......................

Would you put these desirable residences in sun or shade for best effect?

Tracey Oakley

 mine is sited South-East  bit I guess anything is better than nothing !


Mine is in full sun but shaded to the south in summer by tall perennials.  The side seen in the photo faces full west and is protected from wind by shrubs such as cornus and hydrangea to the west of it.   There are larger shrubs and trees to the north but no protection form biting easterlies in winter as that side is cow pasture.

thats brilliant, i have 2 planters and will start to build one

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