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We all love seeing wildlife in our gardens, and elsewhere, but we don't have an up to date, dedicated thread for our photos, so  I thought I'd start one so that we can see them all in one place  

I'll start with something definitely not in my garden, although there are some nearby,  but he's an iconic image of  the country where I live  


 Couldn't find any wildlife pics but we have a few of these gorgeous beasts too Fairy. The local Wildlife Trust uses them and hardy breeds of sheep to graze on specific areas to encourage wildflowers such as orchids etc. 


Cute pic scroggin  

I suppose I take them for granted  - and they're plentiful up here, but it's surprising how people are so thrilled when they see them. My ex husband's friend and his wife came up on holiday one year, and she was adamant about going somewhere to see some. She was absolutely over the moon when she did! 

I have a few others from when I was away recently - I wouldn't get these in the garden

Ring necked plover - from what I can tell from the RSPB Identifier

Not sure what this is - there are lots of very similar birds,  one of several choices....

and I think this may be a juvenile of the above

I caught a glimpse of white while going past this cliff edge...

...a zoom in showed a fulmar on it's nest. I just missed the other parent flying in and back out

Lovely to see a few different birds from my garden ones. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch the whales, dolphins, sharks  and porpoises which frequent the area   

Lovely pics. .......Fairygirl and Scroggin. .....beautiful animals.  They live in the wild?  Whereabouts are ye? 


Hi Fairy...your mystery bird is one of these 

It's a Wheatear 




Hi Sheps - I have to admit I dismissed Wheatear, as it looked a bit different from the ones I've seen before, although the young one (if that's what he/she was) looked more like one. Perhaps I've only seen young or juvenile ones before - or maybe I've seen something totally different before!  

Gorgeous photo - as yours always are  

Mary - I'm in central Scotland, but I hillwalk regularly, so I'm often all over the place - mainly further north. Those photos were taken when I was away recently - near Lochinver, which is north of Ullapool - on the north west coast. 

Most Hielan' coos are farmed  ( their meat is highly prized,and lower in fat than most beef )  but there are a few kicking about all over Scotland. They're native to the north and west Highlands because they're perfectly adapted to the weather conditions and the poor grazing on higher ground.There are some quite local to me, and these ones are in Glen Fyne, which is near Inveraray. 

The calves are very cute 


Great looking birds aren't they?  Peculiar when in flight though! 

I'm always stunned at how still they can keep when waiting for a fish...


That is one handsome Heron, DR...I have a shot of one eating a Pike which I'll post in this thread, amazing birds that will tackle some really big fish.

Anyhoo, to keep the thread ticking over here is a shot of one of the UK's more scarce, farmland birds, in fact it's on the Red List which doesn't bode well.

A Corn Bunting, singing his heart out, shame the pictures don't come with sound 



Gorgeous Sheps. How sad when these little birds are struggling to thrive.

They're quite similar to meadow pipits (and lots of other little brown birds! ) - so common at all levels on hills/moorland when I'm out. I'm always amazed at how such tiny little birds cope with the vagaries of the weather. 

We're a bit short of people with real camera 'expertise' for the camera thread unfortunately, but as long as we have some nice pix to look at, it doesn't matter too much! Hope you post loads more  of your lovely pix. 


Pooter closed itself down befroe I could add a pic -young meadow pipit on a deer fence.

There were loads of them, and some adults, all along it, and swirling around. I sat for quite a while watching them 


Thank you very much, Fairy...pleased you like the shot and I'll post some more in this thread  

Yes, very similar to Med Pips in the plumage, but very different in the song and shape of the beak.


Just missed your picture whilst I was typing, lovely shot, Fairy...such smart little birds with a beautiful song.


Lovely pics folks ... thanks for sharing.  Great thread Fairy 



female bearded tit


Mandarin duck in my garden pond


Lovely shots, Doc....your Goldeneye is a Hooded Merganser 



Absolutely right Sheps. 

This one is a Goldeneye.


Cracking image of a beautiful Southern Hawker, Chrissy.

Spot on, Doc...such a classy looking bird, with a fantastic courtship display.


The Goldeneye, was taken on a little Lochan, near Lochinver, NW Highlands.

Here's an amusing encounter between some of my garden wildlife. The fox cub didn't notice the deer at first but then got curious.

The deer, which had been watching the cub, decided it was time to stand up and the cub realised it was much bigger than it looked.

Slightly sheepish looking cub (pardon the metaphor).

This was taken a few hours later that day. The fawn was probably why the deer was a bit nervous of the fox cub.