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Oakley Witch





 Just a few beasties that are around here

Oakley Witch

You can get within about 15 feet of them then they scarper lol The first one was in the garden munching the holly. He jumped the wall and helped himself lol



hi everyone.. thanks for adding the pictures.. sorry been away so long but back home now and getting better..

the pictures are amazing and so beautiful.

keep them coming.


A couple of pics for the collection. The dunnock is recovering from an encounter with the window, I picked him up and put him in the hedge to recover. Snow must be making some funny reflections, 6 birds have hit the windows today and that's just the ones I've seen




So. sweet.. i love the wild birds and feed them constantly.. they are so beautiful.

Steve Worthing

Finally got a photo of this little guy, although  he wasn't too happy about it and tweated at me for a minute, so funny


A new visitor, a female? Blackcap. Also had some Long Tailed tits but haven't been quick enough on the draw yet!




Gary Hobson

The warm weather yesterday was stirring a lot of things into action. These are frogs that were making a lot of croaking noise. I only realised they were there because of the sounds coming from the pond....

And this was a Brimstone....

There were also some ladybirds about, but I failed to get any snaps of them.

hollie hock

Great pictures everyone. Keep looking in my pond and but no toads yet



Hello, some pictures I can show too. I shot this images at Pin's 44th birthday in our area and farm: LOOK HERE. Not so nice like yours, but good for relaxind few moments. ThaiGer.

I must say how good it is that we like the wildlife we make nice homes in our garden for them all. Nice hedge house Great pictures will have to get out and takes some photos of the wildlife in my garden.


Hello admin, please reopen look above, thanks.

I love our gekkos, because very lovely and colorful. Some havea length of 30cm and more: 





 ...and a nice squirrel. Have a nice Sunday, ThaiGer.


Lovely photos all. What a pretty squirrel, ThaiGer, are they local where you live?



Yes. We have Burmese Striped Squirrel, Gray-bellied Squirrel and some other. They come in our house many times, have no fear for people.

 A nice one, or? Here they are hungry everytime, I don't no why.


 I found this poor creature dead on the paving this morning, it is 6" /150 mm long including tail. Is it a Wood Mouse? it seems to have very large ears.


Yes, I would say it is or was a wood mouse.





 From January 2012.  Managed to get in over the wall from  neighbour above,then couldn't get out again because the whole place is fenced to keep the dogs in.  Eventually dug it's way out under a fence at the back, amazing how much mess it made, there was 2 wheelbarrows full subsoil piled on top of the lawn.