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 a pair of these have been following each other in my garden past 3 days now 


Thought I'd bump this tread with a new piccy - an unusual trio just taken:

 All basking on a Kiwi leaf.


Good idea Bob, a moth

Canary Shouldered Thorn


Stacey Docherty

 Taken on my iPhone in the butterfly exhibit at hampton court flower show



Love that pic Bob! 

And yours too Richi - gorgeous. I've only seen torties here so far this year. Hope there's some peacocks and red admirals to come.

Nut - I looked at that moth and thought -isn't he nice, and so well camouflaged if he's on a tree or leaf.

I'm getting quite brave now 


 lovely aren't they fairygirl.


Taking my brave pills these days nut! 


 gatekeeper butterfly


 poplar hawk moth



 Mummy and baby great spotted woodpecker - a bit blurry as I had to be quick!


A few more....



 I think its an Essex skipper

 a red damsel fly

The potty gardener

Only just found this thread, I'll put a pic I put on another thread yesterday


David Matthews2

 Not a recent pic but one from the last 'summer' with any sustained good weather!

This fellow sauntered through my garden, demolishing slugs as he went. I hope he makes a welcome reappearance this coming year! Happy New Year 2014 to All!!



A very happy,healthy(2 B able to enjoy the garden ) and a sunny 2014 to all you nice people


Thanks jatnikapyar, best wishes to you

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