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some great piccies everyone.. so glad i started this thread..i love the wildlife on our doorsteps.. i ahve taken some pictures this week but for some reason my computer is giving me the hump again... it wil lnot register my memory card.. driving me mad.. when i can i will up load htem..

gary.... on the first picture of hte bird feeders you have a bird with read breast and what looks like blue wings..waht is that.. is is it a bull finch? it is beautiful.


I love seeing all your photos - thankyou 

The Blue Tits didn't use the nest box at the front of the house this year but some Bumble Bees are using it instead

Pam x


Gary Hobson
gardeningfantic wrote (see)

gary.... you have a bird with read breast and what looks like blue wings..waht is that.. is is it a bull finch?

It was a good idea of yours to collect lots of wildlife pictures from all our gardens. It's surprising how much stuff there is. Doubless people will have lots more varied pics too as Summer draws on.

Yes, the bird with the bright red, almost orange, breast is a male bullfinch. The pic below shows a complete roll-call of all the most common birds on my feeders.

On the left feeder, which is nyjer seed, is a goldfinch, and a chaffinch (with its back to camera). The nut feeder is filled with blue tits and great tits. The right feeder has sunflower hearts, and the two birds are bullfinches. The one with a pale red breast is a female bullfinch. And there's a goldfinch above waiting in the queue.



gary.. i do hope so. i love looking at the pictures.. it is great to see what everyone else has in their area.


sorry clicked button when i was trying to show ubby the piccies..

@daintiness.. that camera sounds better.. 42 x zoom.. but be careful on how the lense manages to balance when full out.. they are such great cameras.. thou saying that.. my samsung is great as it has massive pixel level so can zoom into the picutre many times.. but all in all if you like snapping away they are the best.. nikon that is.. even the little pocket coolpix ones are good.. got my daughter one for xmas.. and was tempted to keep it for myself..  great touch screen use on it. and large back screen for viewing for such a small camera

but which ever camaera you sue.. please keep adding the picture.. they are lovely to see.



@Pam.. that spider of yours look slike it is carrying a nest of babies underneath it.. brill picture.. still cant load my pictures..getting a little mad now


Hi Lilylouise, those bees in your nest box are probably tree bees. Gary Hobson posted some good pictures of them on this thread. They nested under my roof tiles a couple of years ago and moved on late in the summer.


This is from last year,  they seem to be few and far between this year


Gary Hobson

Butterflies have been scarce recently, I put it down to poor weather. Few butterfles means few caterpillars, and less food for baby birds.

There was an interesting program presented by Chris Packham, The Emerald Band, on TV last night. He was explaining how all the birds and animals have their specific function in the scheme of things. I was thinking of the various birds in our own gardens, and their distinct functions - eating seeds, nuts, worms and insects. (And helping to disperse the seeds of weeds in their droppings!) And he explained how ants alone consume 20% of the leaf area of a forest (slugs eat more), all capturing and recycling plant sugars, to be eaten by other animals.

Program can be watched here: The Emerald Band


Daintiness wrote (see)

Hi Lilylouise, those bees in your nest box are probably tree bees. Gary Hobson posted some good pictures of them on this thread. They nested under my roof tiles a couple of years ago and moved on late in the summer.

Thankyou Daintiness  I have just googled and it does look like we have Tree Bees in our nest box - I wondered why there seems to be a Bee 'dancing' around the nest box hole


i haev had many peacock butterfles in my garden this year.. also a couplde of red admiral at weekend.. also for the first time the small blue.. thou struggled in the wind.. think that is why they not about much..

and i have also been working hard to get butterfly friendly plants in the garden.



Earlier today saw another female stag beetle and just rescued this male from the chicken run-it was not happy at all !!



@sotongeoff... very impressive picture. not seen one yet.

Gary Hobson

Bees on Cirsium. Bees love this plant...


Speckled wood butterfly on a foxglove. Not sure what it's doing; unlikely to be sipping nectar...



gorgeous photos gary.. very impressive close ups.. i ahve not been able to get my camera to load up pictures.. it is drivng me mad.. dunno if it is the computer or the damn camera, managed couple other day on thread but that is all..

will get hubby who si techy minded to have a look tonight.


Gary Hobson

A little bit of nice weather is bringing the critters out, all these snaps were taken yesterday afternoon. First, a bumbly enjoying the essential fox-and-cubs...


Some butterflies, this is a common blue, in grass...


A skipper (I think) on a cranesbill, planted in grass...

Two skippers in grass (not sure if they're actually laying eggs)...


Think this is a Burnet Companion moth...

Bumbly on Birds-foot-trefoil...

Not sure what this one is (maybe some kind of hover fly); it's feasting on a Rosa Mundi rose...



Wonderful photos again

I have a Robins nest in my head

 A Leaf Cutter Bee has been busy in my greenhouse again this year - there is a hole in the wood that supports the electrics and I have watched the Bee lug a piece of Genii Fuchsia leaf as big as itself into the hole  I managed to take a not very good photo of the Bee and what is left of my Fuchsia

Pam x


hollie hock

Great pictures, I really enjoy seeing them.

Here's my toad that has taken up residence


 I first saw a toad, last Sept- he/she was tiny. Not sure if this the same one, if it is, it's grown a lot ! I've glimpsed it's head a few months ago but it shot into the grass as soon as it saw me coming. Today though he/she was out for ages- on closer inspection of the pond- there are loads of tadpoles. I figure that the toad is out there looking out for them.

I don't know anything about them- but very happy.

Does anyone know how long it takes tadpoles to grow into adults? What is their chances of survival?




 The only wildlife in my garden at the moment is bees but Im working on it!!

hollie hock

Bees are great, the more the merrier