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 A bee tucking into a Poached Egg, and I have no idea what bug it is but it was sat on my apple tree. 

Lots of amazing pics on many sharp eyes!! 


here are some robins nesting in local garden centre plant tables..



 the staff say mother is really toleratn of people taking pics but if you get too close she lets ya know.. so beautiful to see.

loving allteh pictures guys.. keep them coming.. nature is a beautiful thing to see.. and i love seeing animals in gadens that i do not get here.. all depending on different parts of teh country and world.. it is great.

hollie hock

Thanks for the pic gardeningfantic- really sweet

Lovely pics! The bird babies are lovely! we have a collared dove nesting in one of our apple trees. I can't get a clear pic, but I


do have some other wildlife pics to share..




Gary Hobson

That looks like teasel?

You have to be keen to grow teasel.


Yes, it is a teasel. Although we grow fruit and veg as well as flowers, we have a 'wild' area, which sometimes spills over and leaves surprises in odd places. I tend to leave them if they aren't in the way. The goldfinches love the seeds, and I love to watch the birds. I even grew cardoons one year.....never again! LOL!!


They're not the most welcomed birds in a garden but we've had a family of magpies around the past couple of months and they've been interesting (and noisy) to watch. I haven't been able to get a photo of all of them together, think there are parents and 3 or 4 young.  The photo below was taken of a parent and 2 young last week when all were happy.

 Then a couple of days ago when I was sitting in the garden there was a terrible screeching and screaming from a next door garden  - a neighbouring cat had pounced on the young ones.  One was so desperate to escape that it literally tore itself through the trellis into my garden where it has been hiding out under shrubs ever since.  I'm keeping my distance from it as it is so very shaky - but now it has started to come to the ground feeder and I'm hoping it will recover enough to eventually fly over the fence and back to wherever its nearby home is.   It's face around the eyes is scarred, long back tail-feathers (whatever you call the long ones) tattered or missing and it has various scars under the wings on both sides which you can only see when it ruffles it's feathers/wings.  It's so sad - but hopefully it will pick up again and join the rest of the family.




@tina5 - great pictures.

@yarrow2 - lovely pictures.. poor little mite.. hope it gets better soon and back with family.

our seagulls on the roof have had 3 young  this year.. quite amazing really with all the hawks and rooks circling after t hem all time. but yesterday one fell off the top flat roof onto the small one over the kitchen.. what a noise screehing all night as cant get back up there.. and i am not going near it ..wnat to keep my eyes and fingers thank you.. but this morning it has gone.. so not sure where..

I'm not a big fan of magpies, i must admit. Some years ago, I had to rescue a small kitten from a tall tree. The magpies were attacking her. Having said that, I'd be keeping an eye on the baby too, poor little mite has had a rough start! We have a young fledgling blackbird who is living in my garden at present, and every morning he waits for me to go our and give him a few strawberries. I'm not sure who has trained who?

We had a starnded young seagull in our garden last year...I couldn't get near it. As soon as I set foot outside the back door, the mother dive bombed me. The noise is awful, isn't it?


I'm still waiting for the Summer butterflies to appear. Here are two pics of the Spring visits, a Green-veined white and a female Holly blue.





heres on of a huge bumble bee today

 and a bee

 and another type of bee not sure..



well.. i have not been able to get and take many pictures and to be honest i have not seen much wildlife about.. no butterflies or many bees of late.. not good.

on a good note thou.. the young seagulls have all fledged (great quite at night and early morning now) and lots of young finches and sparrows in the garden feeding.. had a female sparrowhawk catch one today.. so she going strong still. the young starlings are getting their adult feathers and not so many coming into feed now.. the robins have got 2 young this year and lots of young coal tits and blue tits.

hollie hock

Don't know what it is called but saw this one today

 Despite the wet weather, once the sun comes out there's lots of bees


 Saw this beetle too,not the best picture, does anyone know what it is?


Lavender Lady

We get pigeons nesting every year in our garden.  This year they were perched on top of the rose arch.  I do wonder if they are the same family and the young ones coming back to rear their own young.  I know they are not the most beautiful of birds and not that popular but I have grown very attached to ours and love to watch them developing.  Feel quite sad when they have flown the nest.



Gary Hobson

I posted some pics of bees on heleniums on the monthly photos thead, these are some close-ups, taken at the same time...

Soldier beetle on echinacea...




Lavenderlady I think you will find that those chicks are indeed Collard Doves and personally I think they are soooo cute and lovely,  I have 2 pair that come into the garden and they bring the "young un's"  with them,  such a treat to see them fit and healthy more so after the terrible weather there's been.


Hollyhock- the 'beetle' looks like a Harlequin ladybird to me. J.

hollie hock

Lavender Lady, I would be well chuffed if they were nesting in my garden and I was able to get so close and watch them develop into adults.

Great close up pics of the bees Gary, I love insects, the closer you get the more interesting.

Thanks J, I thought it might be

Lavender Lady

Oh well didn't know they were collared doves, thanks for that rainjustlearning.  I know they are so cute, they are really fluffy.  I also thought the close ups of the bees were interesting as well.  Isn't nature just amazing and doesn't it make you feel honoured that they choose your garden to come into.  

hollie hock

I love it!

I'm trying to create a wildlife garden, so I'm trying with my plants to entice the insects in, other creatures then will follow.

I have a small pond, put in last year. All the advice says it's in exactly the wrong place (and it is) but not so long ago I've seen 2 toads and tadpoles. Nature will find it's own way.