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Thanks Hollie-Hock. I was very brave, you know. With my little, not-very-zoomy camera, I stood as near as I dared and prayed he wouldn't take off. I got about 4 shots and fled indoors.
I must find out how to propagate buddleia - my white one is very old indeed and I don't suppose they last forever.

hollie hock

Flo- they do look mean. I might be missing something obvious here but are you saying that stag beetles fly?

Me too about propagating buddleia- I love the white variety but don't want to spend a lot of money on it

The Doctor

This is our regular Pheasant Bob



Hollie, they do indeed fly. Great heavy blundering things. Have you seen the way ladybirds open their red wing cases and have transparent fluttery wings underneath? Well, it's like that only a lot bigger. I'm pretty sure all beetles can fly.

Dan, is that a giant bird-table or a tiny pheasant?


@flobear.. stop it.. you are giving me the ebbie gibbies.. making me itch...

love hte pheasant

@hollie-hock.. if you like i can send you a cutting when they have taken off.. but as i said before it hasnt been as easy to propagate as the others.. i have a dark knight one and a pale pink one i can send you.. they last years cuttings and a little scraggley looking..but in flower..  but put it in the ground and it will take off.. they are in 1/2 litre pots..if you like.

@flobear.. i just take the stems when i have cut down it down.. and find one with a node where new shoots come out.. take off leaves upto the that.. and remove large leaves above down to the node ones... cut to about 3ins min. and then  dip in rooting compound and stick in the pot.. i get about 5 out of every 8 i do.. that is the way i have always done it.. will go get a piccie of mine so you can see hollie..




hollie here they are.. the dark kinght one..



and the pink one..


 as i say these are end of last year cuttings.. and are garden ready .. they wont tkae long to get upto size once in.. i will be attempting the white ones again in next few weeks.. as everyone who walks by says about it.. so fingers crossed.



Hi Holly, the white budelia are the most fragnant and easy to strike (they all are, and the butterflies they attract are a bonus) I stick pruned pieces (woody) in the ground and they are taking over the garden. So do have a go..... as they cost at least a tenner in GC's!


@jatnikapyar.. yes the white ones are more sweeter fragrant.. but i have found them hard to cut from.. will try again with next pruning and see..


Thanks for the cuttings info. gardenfantic. I will give it a go.
Sorry about  beetle stuff. I'll stop now. I do feel sorry for them not being being furry and beautiful.

hollie hock

Hello everyone, Thanks for your very kind offer gardeningfantic, yes I would love to have them

If you let me know when they are ready we can have a chat about it. Thanks also for the propagating advice. I might be on the lurk for overhanging budelia.

Flo- Well that's news to me..........I knew about the ladybirds but not about all beetles, but now having a think about it - makes perfect sense. Flying stag beetles.......not too keen on that idea

The Doctor

Flo, its just a pallet iv'e put there. We have a lot of birds to feed


here is waht i have been told is a Jersey tiger moth..


 Took it yesterday on my verbena.. never seen one before.

Heres a pic of one of the newts living in the garden near my pond area




@kitiekat.. that is so cute.. lovely picture..

Meet Frodo a little hoggy visitor to my garden


This is Bert when he was released back into the garden

This is Bilbo, another regular visitor

This was Maude when she was being checked over prior to being relseased

Not quite a wildlife photo, but a picture of a homemade hogbox and feed station i have next to my shed. This is currently occupied by a very lucky hoggy. I have another box sited elsewhere in the garden which is also currently occupied

They know a good deal when they find it, warm, dry, and food on order lol


Jean Genie

Lovely pics, Kitiekat. I'ld love to have hogs in my garden. So cute. I'll bet you don't have a big slug problem.