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Been thinking about building one, but I have a cat and foxes are known to come in the garden. I don't want fish, just a pond to encourage more wildlife.Thoughts?


Why not? The cat might catch the odd critter, but I'm sure there'll be plenty left. Don't know about foxes, but I thought they ate mice and such like.


Foxes are wildlife as well, if you have a garden you get the lot, even the ones you don't like. Go for it, you'll love it. 

hollie hock

Can't see it being a problem, I have 2 cats and the only thing they've caught yet is a baby rat.............

The only thing I would suggest is to plan in such a way as to avoid there being any dense planting in which the cat could lurk near any shallow areas where birds may drink or bathe. This is often done by digging the rear of the pond deeper where it will be in the border or whatever planting is required, and then sloping the front edge to leave the shallows by the lawn.



I dug a pond in my garden last year and its well worth doing. My cat (and several who pass thru) very often drink from the pond as do birds etc. Just make sure there is a shallow edge either all round or as i have done, at one end so that should any small


mammal(such as hedgehogs)  fall in they can get out again. I am still working on the plantimg around my pond but as you can see it has plenty of lush planting for frogs  etc to hide. I recently watched 3 newts swimming late at night (breeding season) which was fantastic


I created a pond about 4 years ago, even in this short time it has matured verry well, I have three cats only one is interested in staying out side, he often wanders in with wet paws. 

Advice I was given was to have part of the pond in shade or dappled light, this has been achieved and is providing varied environments. 

Take the plunge  you will enjoy seeing it come to life. 


I had cats and a pond and it really wasn't a problem dj. The benefits definitely outweigh the negs so get that pond in and enjoy! 

Gerry- take the plunge...was that intentional? 


Our cat regulary drinks from the pond there is never a problem, but I was watching a grass snake in the pond when the cat came to investigate and freaked out when she saw the snake which Ive found nesting in the compost heap.  Ponds provide much fun watching wildlife.

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