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Hello.  Does anyone have squirrel proof suet feeders in their garden ?  We have a pair of woodpeckers that love the suet feeders but the squirrel will go through one in a few days and fed up with them and the cost involved.

If I buy squirrel proof suet feeders will the woodpeckers still be able to get to it.  Don't want to lose those, we love watching them.  

Any advice ?  I bought some squirrel stop and that worked for all of one day grrr

star gaze lily

I bought 3 feeders from wilko a couple of weeks ago. They were £6 each. One for seeds, one for peanuts and the other for fat balls. They are great, keeps the wood pidgeons and magpies out. Have seen the same ones in local gc for £18 each!  Have worked so far for me, and because only the little birds can feed, I don't have to fill it up so often.

Have seen a small woodpecker too.

I don't know exactly which particular so-called "squirrel-proof" one which would work best or which might be available ready-made.

I reckon that if I were trying to make one which really would work, I'd get a circular tray made from metal or really strong plastic - at least 30" diameter - and make a hole in the centre which would be large enough to push a metal spike-type bird-feeder post through it. You know the sort of thing - usually black & with a hook at right angles at the top from which you'd normally hand a peanut feeder or suchlike.

If you push the spike through the hole & fix it so's the tray can't move, then squirrels can't climb up & over it it to reach anything which is hanging above.  I think I'd try to get the tallest pole I could find, and make sure that the tray was at least 4 ft from ground level.  The tray would need to be upside down, so that any lip pointed downwards - that would make it even harder for a squirrel to climb over.  A small tray wouldn't really be any good - they can reach quite a long way!


I have a baffle on the pole, as described above. The squirrels shin up the pole, bang their heads, and slide down again. Mine wobbles, so if they take a flying leap at it, they tip off.

I have the same problem with squirrels, they flip the lid up on the feeder and pinch a fat ball, so i tried to tie string around the top, but they got through that too, i wouldnt mind if they where red squirrels but they are grey


It looks like I might have to get one of those hook things to hang the feeders off, although we have a lovely magnolia outside the kitchen window that the feeders are currently on which is great. hmm.  I'm turning into Basil Fawlty chasing squirrels round the garden with bamboo...

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