Grow Your Own bookazine and app

Grow Your Own

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned fanatic, the Grow Your Own guide from Gardeners' World provides all the know-how you need to raise delicious edible crops. You can buy your guide in either 'bookazine' format, or as a beautiful iPad app - find out more, below.

If you enjoy eating fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, then you'll probably enjoy growing them, too. Discover the pleasures of raising your own edible crops, with the help of our new 'Grow Your Own' bookazine and iPad app.

Monty, Carol, Joe and Rachel take you through the entire growing process for more than 60 crops: seed sowing, maintenance, troubleshooting, harvesting and storage. They also recommend the best varieties to grow and offer tips on culinary use.

Grow Your Own iPad app

Grow Your Own iPad app, from Gardeners' World
Packed with stunning, high-definition photography and easy-to-follow expert advice, Grow Your Own is the first iPad app from Gardeners' World. Download the app today to enjoy:

  • Full-screen colour images
  • 60 start-to-finish grow guides
  • Simple, clear and intuitive navigation
  • 'Bookmark' button, for your favourite content
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Extra video guide to growing onions and shallots


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Grow Your Own bookazine

Grow Your Own iPad app, from Gardeners' World
Revised and updated for 2012, the Grow Your Own bookazine from Gardeners' World is the must-have guide for veg plotters and allotmenteers. Buy your copy in WH Smith, garden centres or order now online. Features include:

  • Getting started guide
  • Tips on making the most of your space
  • 60 start-to-finish grow guides
  • At-a-glance 12-month calendars
  • Advice on tackling pests and diseases


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