Traditional Christmas decoration homemade door wreath made with pine, birch and clematis

How to create a traditional Christmas door wreath

We show you how to use birch, pine and clematis to create a simple Christmas wreath for the home.

Do it:


Takes just:

30 minutes

It's easy to make a traditional Christmas door wreath using materials gathered from your garden. You can adapt our ideas to what's available in your garden or local hedgerows – simply pick whatever is looking good.

This traditional Christmas wreath is created using birch twigs, Scots pine sprigs and the fluffy seedheads of old man's beard (Clematis vitalba). You can then leave it as is, or add some finishing touches using silver baubles or bells, to catch the eye. If you're short on plants, why not try creating other homemade Christmas decorations using tin cans, or use other plants to create decorations, including holly and ivy or mistletoe and box.

Make a traditional Christmas door wreath using birch and pine, with the help of our four easy steps, below.

You will need

  • Birch twigs (measuring roughly 90cm) x15
  • Scots pine sprigs and cones
  • Fluffy seedheads of old man's beard (Clematis vitalba) x5
  • Silver heart or bauble decorations x5
  • Garden twine


Use the birch stems to make a circle roughly 30cm in diameter (tie the ends together if necessary). Weave more birch twigs into the loop to thicken up the sides and create the wreath frame.

Push sprigs of pine into the wreath frame (including any cones you have). Push the sprigs in at an angle to create a neat effect.

Add a few seedheads of old man's beard, binding the stalks into the birch to lock them firmly in place.

Add some silver hearts to bring the wreath to life - any silver decoration with hooks that will latch onto the birch will work well. Now simply hang your wreath in a suitable location.


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