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Referring to leaves with minutely scalloped edges - the diminutive of crenate.


See Corymb. Part of the flowers grow from the same point, but are arranged vertically in a single plane.


Small pieces of broken earthenware or flower pots, placed in the bottom of a container to aid drainage.


1) The section of a tree above the main stem, comprising live branches and foliage.

2) The part of a plant where the root and stem meet.

Cuckoo spit

Froth, resembling spit, produced by the larvae of froghopper insects, to provide them with thermal and moisture control, and to hide them from predators. The larvae suck sap from the plant, but generally do little harm.


The name given to any plant variety that has been cultivated to distinguish it from wild species.


Triangular leaf shape, attached to the stem or petiole at a point, rather than on one side. See Deltoid.


A group of tightly clustered flower buds forming a head, as found in the cabbage family (cauliflower, broccoli).


Having a thin or pointed end.


Also known as a slip, a cutting is taken from a healthy plant by means of scissors or a knife, and placed in a growing medium in order to create a new plant.

51 to 60 of 62 glossary items