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Refers to foliage having patches of different colours, usually as a result of the chlorophyll content. Common combinations are green with cream, white or silver, although some plants produce foliage that mix green with reds and yellows.


A group of plants sharing distinctive features, but not sufficiently distinct to be classed as a species. The words 'cultivated variety' have been compounded to provide the term cultivar, which refers to plants having a cultivated origin, while naturally occuring plants are denoted by the term variety.


A plant with herbaceous parts that are edible. These are commonly the leaves and stem.


Those parts of a plant that are not involved in sexual reproduction, such as the leaves, stems and roots.


To be velvety, having a velvet-like covering.


The veining or pattern of veins in a leaf or petal.


The circulation of fresh air in an enclosed environment.


See Compost.


A process by which germination is speeded up. It generally involves treatment at low temperatures before planting.


Warty, being covered in wart-like growths.

1 to 10 of 16 glossary items