Annual cornflower pot display

Create an annual container display using cornflower and eragrostis

Do it:

Mar, Apr, May

Takes just:

30 minutes

At its best:

Jun, Jul, Aug

In their natural setting, cornflowers appear between the narrow blades of cornfield grasses. This pot emulates the glorious summer countryside, by combining dazzling blue and plum-red cornflowers with the delicate, swaying stems of eragrostis grass. These easy-to-grow plants need minimal care and can be sown from seed, directly where they are to grow.

You will need

Field cornflower seeds

Cornflower 'Black Ball' seeds

Eragrostis, 'Ruby Silk' seeds

Square pot, 40cm diameter

Crocks, multi-purpose compost, seed compost


Add crocks and multi-purpose compost to the pot, leaving a gap of 6cm from the rim. Spread a 2cm layer of seed compost over the multi-purpose compost, and water gently.

Make a thin sowing of field cornflowers and cornflower ‘Black Ball’ over the surface. Cover with a 5mm layer of seed compost. Make a thin sowing of Eragrostis ‘Ruby Silk’ seeds over this, then cover lightly with vermiculite. It’s worth also sowing some small pots of eragrostis in pots indoors as a back-up.

Once seedlings are growing well, thin them out, leaving at least 10cm between plants. If you need to, remove patches of cornflower seedlings to make room for extra potted clumps of eragrostis. Deadhead the cornflowers regularly to extend their flowering.