Can poppies be transplanted?

David Hurrion gives his advice on transplanting annual poppies, including how to move the seedlings with a trowel.


Annual poppies, like the corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas), don't enjoy being moved. David Hurrion reveals why it's best to direct sow them where they are to flower, and gives his tip on moving smaller, self-sown seedlings.


Annual poppies don’t transplant well, so it’s best to sow them direct, in a sunny spot, where you want them to flower. You could try sowing them in cellular trays or individual pots of soil or John Innes compost, and then plant out the young seedlings where you want them. And if you’ve got lots of self-sown seedlings, you could try moving them using a trowel to retain lots of soil around the roots.


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