Dogwood, snowdrop and lilyturf container

Dogwood, snowdrop and lilyturf pot display

Do it:


Takes just:

20 minutes

At its best:

Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec

Dogwood stems bring life to a fading garden after the leaves have all fallen.

This dogwood variety has lime-green bark but you can also find red- and yellow-stemmed options.

Snowdrops and lilyturfs, or black mondo, set off the vivacity of the cornus's stem colour with a striking monotone contrast.

Discover how to create this striking dogwood and snowdrop container display, below.

You will need

  • Dogwood, Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea'
  • Snowdrop bulbs, Galanthus nivalis x 12
  • Lilyturf, Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
  • Very large, tall pot
  • John Innes No. 3 compost
  • Crocks


Position the container where you need winter interest, and place a layer of crocks at the bottom, then three-quarters fill it with compost.

Plant the dogwood in the centre of the container, to the same depth in the new compost as it was in its previous pot. Then encircle it with snowdrop bulbs, planting them three to four times their depth.

Spread the lilyturf plants evenly around the pot's edge, placing them so their leaves tumble over the side. Fill the container with compost, to within 5cm of the rim, firming around the plants with your fingers to squeeze out any air pockets. If you plan to keep the plants in the container for longer than six months, use a slow-release granular feed to nourish them.


To encourage the brightest-coloured dogwood stems, cut all the shoots back to a few buds from the base in late-winter.

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