How to prune a rambling rose

Do it:

Jul, Aug

Takes just:

one hour

At its best:


Most rambling roses only flower once during the season which means that they can be pruned as soon as they've finished flowering. Cutting out the flowered stems makes space for vigorous new shoots which grow from the base of the plant. These can be tied in ready to flower next season.

You will need

  • Rambling rose
  • Secateurs
  • Long-handled loppers


Cut back the flowered stems of rambling rose right down to the base of the plant. Alternatively prune back to where a vigorous shoot has emerged.

Cut through the supporting ties to allow the removal of the pruned flowered shoots. Train in strongest new shoots as they develop throughout the rest of the growing season.


Wear gloves and protective goggles when pruning rambling roses as most have vicious thorns.

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