How to mow your lawn

Do it:

Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Takes just:

30 minutes

Mow your lawn regularly from spring onwards to encourage healthy, lush-looking grass and to deter weeds. When the grass is growing strongly in summer it will need to be mown at least once a week; but during periods of drought leave it uncut as longer grass will stay greener in hot weather. For a traditional stripe finish, choose a mower fitted with a roller.

You will need

  • Lawn mower


Check the blade of your mower is set to the correct height - raising it a little at the start and end of the season. As a guide, a general-purpose lawn is best kept at 2.5cm - 4cm long in the summer.

In early to mid-spring, mow your lawn once a week. Increase this to twice a week in late spring and early summer when growth is most vigorous.

Compost grass cuttings as they will rot down and return nutrients to the soil. In summer leave them on the lawn to help retain moisture.


Don't let the grass grow too long before cutting it short as the lawn will look yellow for a while, due to a lack of light at the base. Mow regularly for the best results.

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