Garden pond

Three ways to improve your pond

Is your garden pond covered in algae or pondweed? Discover three easy ways to keep your pond water clear.

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Takes just:

one hour

Garden ponds provide fantastic wildlife habitats, but they can attract algae and pond weed, too.

Find out how to discover the wildlife in your pond.

A small amount of algae or pondweed is beneficial to ponds, providing food for tadpoles and other water creatures, but too much can block light from submerged plants and prevent them from photosynthesising, reducing oxygen levels in your pond.

Plagued by duckweed or blanketweed? Watch our video guide to removing duckweed and blanketweed.

Fortunately there are some simple steps that you can take that will improve the health of your pond. Follow our tips to help keep your pond water clear.

You will need

  • Oxygenating plants
  • Barley straw
  • Pond conditioner


Oxygenate the pond using oxygenating plants. Plants such as hornwort and elodea, which sit below the surface, will add oxygen to improve water quality.

Add barley straw. Barley straw limits algal growth by absorbing excess nitrogen. Remove straw after six months, or when it has turned black.

Condition the water. If you top up your pond with tap water, add a conditioner (available from garden centres or online) to remove chlorine and minimise algae.


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