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Small holes in soft fruit or tree fruit, often with a wasp inside.

Find it on: fruit trees and bushes
Time to act: late-summer to autumn


Wasps love feeding on soft, juicy fruit. They can break through the skins of grapes, peaches and plums, and quickly nibble out sizeable cavities, but fruit with tougher skins such as apples and pears must first be broken open by pecking birds before the wasps can enter.


Small holes in soft fruit or tree fruit, often with a wasp inside.


Individual prize fruits can be protected by covering them in old tights, horticultural fleece, muslin or something similar. Hang up wasp traps filled with jam.


Wasp nests can be eliminated by calling in professional pest control companies, or if the nest is small enough, by using a proprietory product from any hardware store.

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FreddieFuchsia 24/11/2011 at 15:29

All wasps on our garden are safe from being destroyed. They are useful pollinators and as such should be left alone. We usually have nests in our loft or cavity walls of the house. We don't disturb them, they don't disturb us. These creatures all play a part in the ecosystem and as such should be given more respect.