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Tomato leaf mould


Tomato leaves develop yellow blotches, then turn brown and wither. The crop might also be reduced.

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Time to act: mid-spring to autumn


The fungus that causes this problem spreads rapidly in the warm, humid conditions of a greenhouse. It usually becomes apparent on the lowest tomato leaves from early or midsummer, which develop yellow blotches on the upper leaf surface. The leaves eventually turn brown and wither. If the problem isn't tackled, tomato yields are lower and the fungus can overwinter in the greenhouse and persist the following year.


Tomato leaves develop yellow blotches, then turn brown and wither. The crop might also be reduced.


Good ventilation in the greenhouse helps, with plants well spaced out. Avoid splashing the leaves when watering. Promptly remove and get rid of any infected leaves and destroy all the plants at the end of the season. Disinfect the entire greenhouse and choose resistant varieties such as 'Dombello' and 'Shirley'.

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tenerifetel 24/11/2011 at 15:28

Thanks soooo much for the advice here on tomatoes. we have suffered for the last three years with the growing of tomatoes. At the moment we have plants that have Blossom End Rot and also Leaf Mould. At least now we can get it right for next year. Many thanks. Will be logging on to this site again and again....

sheilapot 24/11/2011 at 15:29

why are my green tomatos dropping off

Manvilla 24/11/2011 at 15:29

I love your comment box feature. There are some great stories and very useful tips on almost any topic and its great to hear that others have similar difficulties in the garden as I do. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to write in and help greenhorns like me.

gradysgrandma 24/11/2011 at 15:29

How do I access the answers to the questions asked by other gardeners please ?

Blondie3 24/05/2012 at 17:48

My tomatoes were healthy when planted outside, but the weather did turn cool and some of the leaves have turned brown, how can I bring them back to a healthy stage again. Thank you. Dorothy

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