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How to make a trellis from hazel poles


Making a naturalistic trellis from hazel poles is easy, and it'll save you money, too.

Hazel-pole trellis looks beautiful in it's own right and shows off your climbing plants to perfection. It oozes rustic charm, adding interest to a drab wall or fence. You can also use hazel to create a wigwam support for clematis, or use other plants like willow, to create willow plant supports or willow edging.

Follow our step-by-step guide, below, to create your own hazel trellis.

How to do it


Cut the rods to about 1.8m long. There's no need to be too precise - irregularity is part of the rustic charm. Find the mid-point of each rod and measure 65cm in both directions. Mark these two points and drill a hole at each. This ensures the ropes will be vertical whatever length the poles are.


Attach two lengths of sisal rope to the wall or fence 1.3m apart. One by one, thread the hazel poles on to the rope, tying a simple knot in both lengths of rope after each one. To finish off, tie a knot under the final rod and cut off the excess.

Our tip

If you prefer a more contemporary look, exchange stained dowel for the hazel and slick cord for the sisal.

Hang this vertically from a pergola for privacy, shade or even to hide an unpleasant view. Stretched over the beams of a pergola it makes a shady roof.

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ehanlon 24/11/2011 at 15:28

Hi, Yes this is very useful. Im having problems with my Clematis, I have 6 different types, the problem im having is no matter how much i water or dont, the plants do really well and then just as they are about to flower they start to die, I have tried everything including feeding with munure. My garden is three yrs old any tips??


njtmata 24/11/2011 at 15:28

I love the ideas of "How To" but more detail and start to finish photos would be helpful. Keep in mind also that not only do UK citizens read your website and read the magazines (when available at the local bookstore) but US citizens do too.

I am a faithful reader and I love the content produced.

Best Regards


Matty2 29/08/2012 at 10:52

I made this for my old garden out of thin florist type wire and supports from an old willow obelisk. I have just followed this idea in my new garden. My next door neighbour was going to dump some old style chestnut fencing so I have used 2 lengths of it to hang off concrete posts on back fence. As chestnut posts were already strung together cost was £0. The third I had to wire the posts together. Although the clematis is still very small (1st year) the 'trellis' breaks up the look of what would otherwise be a long boring fence (90ft). Can't wait for plants to grow.