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How to make poppy Christmas decorations


Beech leaves are slow to break down, so they're still intact in December, when they can be used in festive decorations. Paired with poppy seedheads, they make a stylish addition to your Christmas tree, or mantelpiece wreath.

Spray the leaves and seedheads with silver paint to show off their intricate structure and to add sparkle to your tree. Don't worry if you can't find any poppy seedheads - look out for pine cones on woodland walks to use instead. Or try creating a cheery rosehip decoration for the Christmas tree.

Follow our four simple steps to creating your own silvery poppy and beech Christmas decorations, below.

How to do it


Arrange the leaves into the shape of a flower and glue them in place, one at a time.


When dry, push a skewer through the centre of your arrangement to make a hole.


Push the stem of the seed head through the hole and glue it in place at the base.


Spray the decoration and allow it to dry, then tie it to your Christmas tree by the poppy stalk.

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