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How to set up a self-watering system


Returning home to discover dead or wilting plants is not the ideal end to a holiday. With a little forethought you can ensure your plants are kept well-watered while you're away, without being overly reliant on obliging friends or neighbours.

Follow our simple guide to setting up a self-watering system, below.

How to do it


Set up a flat tray over a container of water and cover in capillary matting. Add a piece of matting, which will function as a wick, drawing up water from the reservoir below.


Fill the water reservoir right up to its brim and thoroughly wet the matting.


Put pots on the surface, pressing them down so the pot's draining holes are in contact with the matting. Ideally, ask a friend or neighbour to top up the reservoir from time to time.

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Rossie2 08/08/2014 at 13:42

Make sure the soil in the pots is wet and cut a thin 'wick' from the matting and insert in through the hole in the bottom of the pot to make take up of water easier.