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How to rejuvenate chives


Growing your own chives is easy, and provides a steady crop for use in salads, sandwiches and dips.

Chives grow very well in most conditions, withstanding poor soil, frost, partial shade and full sun. They require very little maintenance, but give them the occasional chop, and you'll be harvesting leaves and flowers right through the summer.

How to do it

Rejuvenating chives: cut them down to the base


Cut the whole clump down to soil level, using what leaves you can and putting the rest on the compost heap.

Rejuvenating chives: water the cut plants

Water the cut plants well and add a general balanced liquid fertiliser, to help boost new root and top growth.

Rejuvenating chives: new growth will appear

Within just four weeks, you'll have a flush of tender new stems, ready to cut for use in the kitchen.

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