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How to sow flowers indoors


Sow flowers in February to give them a flying start indoors while we wait for warmer weather. Then when spring arrives you'll have trays of healthy, lovingly nurtured plants to unleash into your beds and borders when the frosts have gone. Early flowers can be yours if you get sowing in late winter, with a well-lit windowsill indoors - a good environment for raising many of your seeds.

Flowers to sow in February include ageratum, antirrhinum, clary, cornflower, echium, French marigold, nigella, rudbeckia, salvia, scabious and zinnia.

How to do it


Firm and water the compost before sowing. Check sowing depths so you know how much space to leave at the top of the pot for covering seed. Space them evenly and cover with vermiculite, perlite or sieved compost.


Keep the pot in a well-lit postion and short, stocky seedlings should emerge. As soon as the true leaves are large enough to hold, they are ready for you to transplant. Leggy, tall seedlings are fragile and prone to damage.


Gently tap the pot so you can pull out the seedlings. Take care to handle the seedlings by their seed leaves, rather than their stems, and gently prise them apart. Pot seedlings singly.

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Marie O Loughlin 06/03/2014 at 14:14

I have sowen flowers indoors but they all damping off any ideas how i can stop this

Bamboogie 06/03/2014 at 14:41

Increased ventilation and only water from below i.e sit in a tray of water.