Vinca or periwinkle

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Vinca major or periwinkle is a pretty, low-growing plant often with pale blue flowers that is used as a ground cover plant because of its mat-forming properties. However, it can be very invasive, and will rapidly spread around the garden if it is not kept under control. Vinca minor, which is a neater plant with smaller leaves, is much less invasive and a better choice for ornamental use.


With its arching, rooting stems, vinca, or periwinkle, will race around the garden and cover the ground in no time.

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The best organic control is digging the plant out and trimming it to keep it in check if you don't want to remove it altogether. If it spreads onto the lawn it can be controlled by mowing.


If you don't want to dig it out, you can spot-treat the plant using a total weedkiller such as glyphosate. Avoid spraying on a windy day and near other desirable plants.


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