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Talkback: Insects on roses

Posted: 13/06/2013 at 16:50
Can someone please help me identify what is happening to my roses!!
Earlier in the year I bought a new shrub rose, which was put in a pot on the patio. I was pleased because it was so healthy and had five buds on it. Last week, four of the five buds had gone, the tender stems looking as if someone had snipped them off with scissors, and the leaves on the tender stems gone too, but not the mature ones. I did see a bee-type insect there one afternoon, small with yellow/black stripes.
Similar stuff is now happening to my more mature roses. Tender buds are eaten away, as if snipped off, and leaves on the tender stems similarly eaten, leaving mature buds and leaves alone.
I haven't seen any grubs, or caterpillar type insects on them. Would really like to get rid of whatever it is, so looking forward to roses after the wretched spring we had.
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