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Talkback: How to grow annual climbers from seed

Posted: 25/03/2013 at 06:42
Might I recommend a couple of other 'annual' climbers. Many years ago I grew 'Cobea scandans'and was amazed by the growth it made in one year. It was certainly a 'talking point'.Calling it 'lush' would be polite.
I also had a go at 'Eccremocarpus scaber'.
My gardening has always been a bit 'irregular'so I don't see anyone having any problems bringing these on from seed. It might be a bit late now .. but next year!(Always 'next year').
I also found Black-Eyed Susan easy from seed and many Garden Centres only seem to stock this as larger plants with what seems to me a hefty price tag.
Off subject just a little, the mention of Sweet Peas reminded me that I also grew the perennial sweet pea from seed with no difficulty. Now, I'm not sure of the value of the plant.
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